As Istanbul Technical University Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center (ITU TOMER), we care that our students who study Turkish language at our center get to know Turkish culture and see the elements of this culture closely. To this end, we took our first cultural tour last Friday with our A1 students, and explored some parts of the historical peninsula, one of the places with the highest touristic and historical value in Istanbul.

 At the first stop of this short tour, we visited the Süleymaniye Mosque and its complex, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul and has inspired many architects for centuries with its historical and architectural value. Our students, who ate kuru fasulye (dried beans), rice, tzatziki and pumpkin dessert, the most popular dishes of our traditional cuisine, at one of the restaurants across the Süleymaniye Mosque, had the opportunity to meet cultural delicacies. Afterwards, we wandered around the Sahaflar Çarşısı (Second-hand Booksellers' Bazaar) and informed our students about the history, culture and tradition of second-hand booksellers. Then, we went to Çorlulu Ali Pasha Madrasa, tasted apple tea and continued to chat. We ended our cultural tour with the pleasure of roasted chickpeas and boza at Vefa Bozacisi, which is also one of the famous places of Istanbul and one of the places that should be visited by everyone who comes to Istanbul.        

Our students were happy because they could see the language they learn and the living culture that this language belongs to more closely in historical places. They said that they were wondering what the next cultural activity would be and that they would definitely like to join. See you at our next cultural activity!