As the ITU TÖMER family, we are proud to announce that the cultural activities we started last year continue this year as well.

For this purpose, we started our first trip with a street food tour wandering around Vefa, Süleymaniye and Sultanahmet neighborhoods. First, we enjoyed tasting the traditional flavors of Vefa, such as roasted chickpeas, boza, halva, salep and soda. While following the traces of history and cultural heritage, our second stop was Süleymaniye, which has one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul. We visited the Süleymaniye Mosque, located in the heart of Süleymaniye. Afterwards, we wandered around the Sahaflar Bazaar and informed our students about the second-hand bookshop culture, which is one of the indispensable parts of Ottoman cultural life. Then, we walked through the Grand Bazaar, the largest and oldest covered bazaar in the world, and turned our route to Sultanahmet Square. After eating chestnuts here, we ended our trip by drinking tea and chatting at Caferağa Madrasa, which hosts many different art workshops and continues to function as an art center where traditional Turkish arts are taught and exhibited.

See you at our next cultural event!