While teaching Turkish, we continue to introduce cultural elements to our international students. For this purpose, on November 28th, we held an “Altın Günü” (Golden Day)  meeting, similar to what most of us witnessed in our childhood, with the participation of our A1 and B1 students. Our menu had the indispensable flavors of these meetings: Potato salad, lentil balls, pastry, and stuffed grape leaves…

While our palates were cheered at this beautiful table that we prepared with our students, our students had the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture more closely and have first-hand experiences. In addition, while our conversations continued enjoying the food together, our students took part in intercultural exchanges by making short presentations with the products and materials they brought about their own cultures.

Our cultural activities, which we organize with the aim of promoting our students’ language learning, will continue in the coming months. See you next time!