We continue to teach the intricacies of the Turkish language through out-of-class activities, and increase the motivation of our students with these activities and provide cultural interaction in natural language environments.

With this in mind, we held a movie night on January 19th, Thursday with the participation of our A1, A2 and B2 students. We watched one episode, about the story of Gaziantep’s famous Chef Musa Dağdeviren telling about the food culture in Turkey, from the world-famous food documentary Chef's Table.

Afterwards, we received feedback by asking our students written questions appropriate for their level about the documentary they watched. During the movie screening with various food and drinks, after the screening with various word games; we had a very enjoyable time and enabled our students to communicate and interact with native speakers in Turkish.

As ITU TÖMER, our activities aiming to teach Turkish language to our students in social environments will continue.

Stay tuned, see you soon!