As the ITU TOMER family, we held the first of our cultural events, an integral part of our program, on Monday, November 6th.

Since our students loved it so much last year, we started our first cultural event by tasting the traditional flavors of Vefa, which has many historical values: boza, roasted chickpea, halva, salep, and soda. Then, we bought hawthorn berry from the fruit stall we came across on the street and went to Istiklal Street. As we slowly walked from Şişhane towards Taksim, we talked about the local flavors and historical buildings we encountered along the street. Then, we bought chocolates and ended our trip by drinking our foamy Turkish coffees in famous Mandabatmaz. On this second trip, where we traced the history and cultural heritage of Turkish culture, we had a very enjoyable time together with our beloved students.

See you on our next street food tour!