As ITU TOMER, we hosted the 36th YADOT Meeting titled "Global Language Teaching Trends and Changing Paradigms" on Saturday, October 14, at the İTÜ Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

At the meeting where our B1 level course students made the introductory speeches, ITU TOMER Director Assoc. Dr. Gülşen Eryiğit made her presentation titled "Gamified Crowdsourcing to Create Idiom Corpus". She stated that as ITU, they have been working and carrying out projects in the field of natural language processing for years. She also put foward that a wide corpus compilation is needed for idioms to be processed by artificial intelligence, but current dictionaries are insufficient for this. She also talked about collaborations with European countries in the field of natural language processing. In addition, she gave information about the application called "Dodiom" that they prepared to create a collection of idioms. Prof. Dr. Nevin Akkaya who attended our meeting remotely explained her work titled "How to Use Chat Robots in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language" by referring to academic sources. Tüge Topçu Gülşen from Istanbul Bilgi University gave her speech titled "Teacher is a Teacher, Student is a Student and Artificial Intelligence is Just a Tool" and explained how Chat GPT and similar chat robots change our daily lives and how we can use them in classes. Dr. Gökce Mısırlı gave examples of smartphone applications in his presentation titled "Evaluation of Studies on Smartphone Applications in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language". Giving information about "Digital Testing and Evaluation Platforms", Ahmet Öztel explained measurement and evaluation in teaching Turkish as a foreign language through the Testmoz application. Zeynep Kübra Onur explained the Actionbound application through a sample study in her speech titled "Lesson Example of Using Actionbound Application in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners". At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Durmuş and Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Altun shared his valuable opinions with us. Finally, ITU TOMER Vice Director Dr. Elif Sayar and YADOT Education Association member Dr. Bihter Dereli ended the meeting with their votes of thanks.

Overall, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our teachers Fatma Çevik and Ayşe Demirhas, who were in the meeting organizing committee, and our valuable teachers, administrative staff and dear students who made this conference possible.