As ITU TOMER, we celebrated the upcoming Eid al-Fitr with great enthusiasm and joy together with our students. In this special event, we conducted a series of activities that highlighted the creativity of our students and our cultural diversity. Firstly, we delved into the intricacies of origami art, creating colorful shapes with this delicate paper folding technique. Inside each origami figure, we placed chocolates, an indispensable taste of Eid in Turkish culture, and small amounts of money symbolizing prosperity.

In our event, we also embraced the indispensable parts of Eid rituals, cleanliness, and freshness. For this purpose, we poured traditionally fragrant Turkish colognes into our students' hands, enjoying the refreshment and sharing this beautiful tradition. Then, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, we exchanged "Happy Eid" wishes, experiencing embraces that strengthened intercultural friendship and understanding.

Through this event, our students not only learned new Turkish expressions but also had the opportunity to closely acquaint themselves with the rich traditions and Eid celebrations of Turkish culture. Additionally, by sharing information about their own countries' traditional Eid celebrations, they created an environment that fostered cultural interaction. These exchanges contributed to the development of mutual understanding and respect among our students, allowing us to better know each other by celebrating our cultural differences.

We look forward to reuniting at our next event. With this opportunity, we wish all our students and the ITU TÖMER family a Eid filled with health, peace, and happiness. Happy Eid!


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