In the first session of ITU TOMER talks, ITU Computer Faculty Retired Faculty member dear Prof. Eşref Adalı was our guest on 29th of April, 2024. The seminar was held at ITU MED-B and attended by both face-to-face and online participants. In his presentation titled "The Logic of Turkish", our esteemed professor said that the correctness of the rules of Turkish aroused admiration in linguistics experts, that even Turkish could have been designed by a scientific committee, that its structure was like mathematics, and that, thanks to its ability to derive new words, its way of forming sentences, and its simplicity of expression. He emphasized how appropriate and convenient the language is to be used in computer science and natural language processing.

We would like to thank Prof. Eşref ADALI, who enlightened us with his valuable contributions and to all our participants.

We will continue to make contributions specifically to Turkish in the field of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language through ITU TOMER talks and to share the studies related to this field.